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Synthetic Crystal Marabou 20mm Tangerine

Suggested Retail $6.45

Sku:  BMAR100TGR
Bar Code:  886741011020
Product Family  Crystal Marabou
Product Delivery Package  Bag
Materials Weight gm  0.006
Materials Weight oz  0.22
35 Character Description  Synthetic Crystal Marabou 20mm Tangerine
SPS-EDI-Category  Synthetic Crystal Marabou
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Tangerine
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Bag

Weight:  1 kg



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Synthetic Crystal Marabou 20mm Tangerine

Semperfli has taken natural marabou bloods to the next level with our amazing synthetic crystal marabou chenille which has a stunning transluscence. Synthetic Crystal Marabou 20mm Tangerine is a single sided transluscent chenille this can simply be wrapped around the hook to create streamer tails or bodies. Simply wrap Synthetic Crystal Marabou 20mm Tangerine around the hook and brush.

We have looked at one of the staples of fly tying, marabou! Used in many streamers and fly patterns and of course the humble woolly bugger, found in almost every fly fishermens fly box. More and more fly tying companies are importing low quality feathers and we have seen a marked degradation in quality over the last decade. Without doubt a synthetic marabou offers consistent quality and performance. Add to the quality issues natural marabou can be a pain in the a*** to sink, how often have you seen a fly fisherman cast a woolly bugger or streamer that sits on the surface because sinkant has not been added to the fly. As a result the Semperfli team decided to make a synthetic marabou which can be used as a tail for humble woolly buggers as winging and tails of streamers. Highly mobile unlike sinkant applied natural marabou Semperfli Synthetic Marabou is made from a very fine core around which the Synthetic Marabou fibres are extruded. To use tie in and simply wind directly around the hook, for a tail or wing it is simple. Our Synthetic Marabou comes in a stunning range of colors to match natural marabou colors in the market but we then developed the range further, adding Crystal Marabou, a 20cm synthetic, semi transparent, crinkled marabou to our range of marabou alternatives>/p>

Our Synthetic Crystal Marabou 20mm Tangerine that has amazing color and movement like natural marabou. High mobility with extremely fine fibres and with our amazing dying using our astounding computerised dying machines which produce a wonderful dyed synthetic marabou and provides great movement.

Put it in the water and the see colour come alive. No need to apply sinkant to get the fibres to submerge and leaving your flies messed with sinkant.

With yyyy fibres these are guaranteed quality every time unlike natural marabou which due to its nature varies in quality

Material TypeBlended Nylon and Acrylic Fibre
Product PackagingBag