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Mopster Mop Chenille 6mm Fl Green Rhyac

Suggested Retail $6.45

Sku:  BMOP000FGR
Bar Code:  886741005067
Product Family  Mop Chenille
Product Delivery Package  Bag
Length in Meters  3
Product Type  Fly Tying
Fluorescent  Yes
Materials Weight gm  0.008
Materials Weight oz  0.29
Width mm  6mm
Width In  0.237 inch
35 Character Description  Mopster Mop Chen Fl Green Rhyac
SPS-EDI-Category  Mop Chenille
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Fl Green Rhyac
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Bag



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Mopster Mop Chenille 6mm Fl Green Rhyac

Mop flies have been proving deadly in reservoirs, managed fisheries and the wild. At Semperfli we looked at the mop fly and decided to upgrade it to make the mop fly even more deadly and created Mopster tm Chenille. We measured the diameter of a range of mops to work out a consistent size then created an entirely new chenille with multicolored guard hair tinsels protruding from the chenille.

With Mopster the tinsel provides mobility and additional attraction in the water but make the mop fly look astounding. Dyed in our standard color palette Mopster is available in a color range never seen by any fly tyer stealing their household mops to make flies. From Fluoro colors to adams and tan Mopster is the future of the Mop fly.

We tested it with young fly tyers and fly fishermen who would admit to using mop flies and it caught loads of fish. So try Mopster Mop Chenille Adams .... it could be your guilty secret!

Mopster is a trade mark of Semperfli Fly Tying Materials copyright 2023 UK00003899180

Mopster Mop Chenille 6mm Fl Green Rhyac Specifications

  • Manufacturer Part No: BMOP000FGR
  • Width In 0.237 inch
  • Width In 6mm
  • Length (Metres) 3

Material Length3m3.28 Yards
Product PackagingBag
MaterialPolyester, Nylon & PET Strips