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Synthetic Jungle Cock 30mm Large Blue

Synthetic Jungle Cock 30mm Large Blue
Suggested Retail $5.92

Bar Code:  886741062565
Product Family  Jungle Cock L
Product Delivery Package  Bag
Materials Weight gm  0.005
Materials Weight oz  0.18
Width mm  30mm
Width In  1.182 inch
35 Character Description  Synth. JC 30mm Lge Blue
SPS-EDI-Category  Jungle Cock
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Blue
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Bag

Weight:  7 g



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Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue

Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue is a beautifully realistic, reliable and strong artificial alternative to expensive and difficult to legally obtain natural jungle cock feathers. Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue will enhance any fly pattern from salmon flies to trout nymphs. We are committed to protecting wildlife and respect CITES rules so recommend Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue most highly.

The Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue “feathers” are very easy to use, have proven to be effective and resilient. Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue is specially designed to imitate Jungle Cock which is CITES protected. As fly tyers we need to act before it is too late for this species.

Previously artificial synthetic jungle cock feather were prone to both making flies spin or ripping when used. We designed our Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue with a thicker but supple material. Indeed during testing one fly held up to 6 salmon hit without damage.

If you are used to using natural Jungle Cock, you will be used to split feathers no doubt. You can say bye-bye to split feathers by using Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue. Every feather is perfect every time.

If you would like some tips on how to make your Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue even more realistic why not try adding a resin blob to the nail to give it a 3d effect or try using a black permanent marker pen around the edge of the Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue to give a fantastic finish hiding the white edging for an even more realistic look.

Semperfli synthetic jungle cock is available in Natural, Pink, Hot Orange, Green, Blue and Purple each available in 10mm, 17mm, 24mm and 30mm packs. Synthetic JC 30mm Large Blue is also available for commercial fly tyers and factories in A4 sized sheets.

Material TypeVinyl
Product PackagingBag