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Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock

Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock
 Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green PeacockSynthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock 
Suggested Retail $5.16

Sku:  BSPH002GRN
Bar Code:  886741007788
Product Family  Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm
Product Delivery Package  Bag
Length in Meters  6
Product Type  Fly Tying
Fluorescent  No
Materials Weight gm  0.008
Materials Weight oz  0.29
Width mm  2mm
Width In  0.078inch
35 Character Description  Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock
SPS-EDI-Category  Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Green Peacock
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Bag

Weight:  8 g



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Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock

Designed to imitate natural Peacock Herl Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock is a fritz / chenille which contains all the iridescents that you find in natural Peacock Herl, accents of blue, green, copper and gold highlight and change in different lighting conditions just like natural Peacock Herl.

Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Green Peacock Specifications

  • Manufacturer Part No: BSPH002GRN
  • Width In 0.078 inch
  • Width In 2mm
  • Length (Metres) 6

Peacock herl has been used for many years as a stunning fly tying material. With its stunning iridescence fly tyers love the way the colors change as you look at this amazing material. Because of CITES the Semperfli team decided to create a synthetic peacock herl that would reflect different colors. The new Peacock Herl has black, blue and green backgrounds and different colored tinsels embedded. With a tight core the reflects the peacock’s natural iridescence and color changing effects as light hits different parts of the herl. With this synthetic herl you can cover the hook very quickly with simple wraps to create perfect alternative to Peacock Herl without the concern that your Peacock Herl will snap mid fly.

The peacock herl substitute is available in Black Peacock, Blue Peacock and Green Peacock available in 2mm and 4mm.

Features of the Synthetic Peacock Herl:

  • It is far far stronger than natural peacock herl, and being so robust it will make a fly with an exposed area like a Klinkhammer thorax last longer before it is destroyed.
  • The length is not limited to the length of the herl like natural.
  • 3 different color variants which can be used alone or weaved together to enhance effect

When we worked on the prototypes of this product we sent it to some of our pro team for testing and received exciting feedback. Hans van Klinken immediately used it as the thorax of his Klinkhamer and told us its absolutely great, awesome for Klinkhamer 2.0 for size 12 and larger flies. You will see it in his book when it is released!

The Big Question is Why Bother?  Exploring CITES & Import / Export Risks Of Genuine Peacock

We all know that peacock is readily available and indeed may be available in farms or stately homes where feathers can readily and legally be sourced. We can buy them online so CITES surely does not apply! The big question is proof. Unless you have DNA proof that the peacock you have in you fly tying kit or on your flies when you go through customs you risk serious issues. We know of more than one eminent fly tyer who has been CITES registered, some also lost all of their gear as a result going through customs! Why? It is real simple we can see a live bird but when the herl in on a fly or in our tying kit we cannot easily and legally prove its origin, hence we are at risk. Why?

CITES added the Common Peacock-Pheasant, Grey Peacock-Pheasant, Iris Peacock-Pheasant originating from Pakistan to the Endangered Species List. If you look at for example documentation for USA for importation it states:


Peacock Feathers originating from Pakistan now require a CITES export permit to be legally imported into the United States.
Feather coming from other regions will require a CITES certificate of origin issued by the CITES enforcing authority of the exporting country.

CBP also issued an email circular clarifying that,

“Permits must be issued prior to shipping and the original must be submitted to the port office with a declaration BEFORE customs clearance is received for the freight. These shipment NO LONGER QUALIFY for a domesticated species exemption.”


Specification Metric Imperial
Material Length 6m 6.56 yds
Product Packaging Bag      
Material Polyester and PET