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SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold

SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold
 SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & GoldSemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold 
Suggested Retail $8.39

Sku:  HSFB000RGB
Bar Code:  886741007825
Product Family  Mirror Flash 2
Product Delivery Package  Hank
Length in Meters  300 x 25cm strands (75m total)
35 Character Description  SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold
SPS-EDI-Category  Mirror Flash
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Rio Grande (RG) & Gold
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Hanked

Weight:  9 g



Low stock, immediate despatch

SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend

Core to the SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend blends is a unique tinsel with colors that change horizontally on each single strand of tinsel. These are an amazing blend of multicolor strands of tinsel SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend brings a lot to tying. Look close at SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend and you will see each single strand has multiple colors built into it. That is further enhanced with the highlighter blends or background colours to offer a unique hank of tinsel in the blends where for we blend gold, silver or black for example to highlight the core tinsel even more. Think of using SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend options in light day/dark day flies!

When we manufactured these tinsels we did market research and found that most tinsels were tied in Half, meaning lots of the tinsel in the centre was unuseable plus only Half of each hank could be used for larger predator flies. As a consequence with SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend you get 10inch / 25cm long hanks tied at the top rather than center tied tinsels meaning that you can produce really long wings on flies for saltwater or large predators.

There are 300 strands of this beautiful SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend in each pack which is such great value. With full useable length of 10inch strands these can be used to create flies from the smallest chironomid/buzzer breathers to huge Tarpon or Muskie flies using the full 10inch length of this amazing SemperFlash Rio Grande (RG) & Gold Blend winging material

Material Length300 x 25cm strands (75m total)300 x 10inch strands (82 Yards total)
Product PackagingHank


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