Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear

Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear
 Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar BearDry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear 
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Sku:  SDFP000POB
Bar Code:  886741062206
Product Family  Dry Fly Polyyarn
Product Delivery Package  Spool
Length in Meters  3.6m
Materials Weight gm  0.012
Materials Weight oz  0.43
Actual Spool Length M  3.6m
Actual Spool Length Yds  3 yds
Old US Part No  DFPY - PBR
35 Character Description  Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear
SPS-EDI-Category  Dry Fly Polyyarn
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Polar Bear
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Spool

Weight:  8 g



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Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear

Polyyarn has been nicknamed by fly tyers world wide the 'floating yarn'. It is so fibrous and so beautifully buggy, this easy to use fly tying material, indeed Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear is a must have fly tying material. Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear is a bonded for of polyyarn which is a dubbing on a rope product from Semperfli. Its tight fibrous bonding makes it ideal on dry flies. Not only does it float naturally but its fibrous design traps air to help your fly float.

Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear is durable and the color choices (including the single color or mottled options) means there are many natural representations in this polyyarn range. Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear is easy to taper to a point by simply heating. Being part of the ‘dubbing on a rope’ range this makes it easy to use for beginners and experienced tyers alike.

With a very specific gravity / density of 0.91g/cm3 polypropylene yarn including Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear is lighter than water which means that it floats making it ideal for dry flies.

Many companies claim to use polypropylene yarn however a simple test you can do at home to check if it is genuine polypropylene yarn is to cut a 1 inch / 25mm strip, scrunch it up in your fingers and drop it into a glass of water. If it is genuine polypropylene yarn then it should dip below the surface and then return to the surface. Indeed leave it for a day and it should still be floating as it is lighter than water and it is this property which makes it very, very special for dry flies.

There are a few fly tying polyyarns on the market today from different companies. Indeed Semperfli makes two versions of polyyarn - the original Semperfli Polyyarn that comes on cards and is ideal for , most commonly used as parachute posts, and dubbing wings and Dry Fly Polyyarn Polar Bear, is a spool based product which is intended for bodies of flies or to create detached bodies.

Material Length3.6mm3 yds
Material TypeBlended & Bonded Floating Polyyarn
Product PackagingSpool