Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange

Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange
 Spyder Thread 18/0 OrangeSpyder Thread 18/0 Orange 
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Sku:  SSPY000ORG
Bar Code:  886741053419
Product Family  Spyder
Product Delivery Package  Spool
Length in Meters  100
Materials Weight gm  0.009
Materials Weight oz  0.32
Denier  30D
Aught  18/0
Breaking Strain Kg  0.390kg
Breaking Strain Imperial  14oz
Actual Spool Length M  100m
Actual Spool Length Yds  109 yds
Old US Part No  SPDR - HO
35 Character Description  Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange
SPS-EDI-Category  Spyder
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Orange
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Spool

Weight:  9 g



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Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange

Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange is a fine 30D, 18/0 traditional tying thread, and is specially developed to be semi translucent so that the threads help adopt the shade of the fly pattern. Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange has 2 fine strands of thread twisted together. It has a breaking strain of approximately 400gm - for comparison tests show Uni Caenis to have a breaking strain of 85g & Danville Spiderweb breaking strain is approximately 142gm *. The strength of Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange in comparison will give the fly tyer confidence when tying small flies that their thread will hold better. With 2 strands Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange will also lay reasonably flat when tying flies. Spyder is aimed for fly tyers wanting to tie small flies as an alternative to threads like Uni Caenis or Wisp which are weaker threads. Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange is an unwaxed thread. We do make a waxed version also off our 18/0 Spyder thread which is designed to give more grip from the wax on your materials as you tie.

There are 100m / 109 yards (approx ) per spool of Spyder Thread 18/0 Orange

Material Length100m109 yds
Breaking Strain0.390kg14oz
Material TypePolyester
Product PackagingSpool