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1/69" Holographic Tinsel Black Sparkle

1/69'' Holographic Tinsel Black Sparkle
 1/69'' Holographic Tinsel Black Sparkle1/69'' Holographic Tinsel Black Sparkle 

Sku:  ST69M69BSP
Bar Code:  886741036955
Product Family  Tinsel 1/69"
Product Delivery Package  Spool
Length in Meters  30m
Materials Weight gm  0.008
Materials Weight oz  0.29
Width mm  0.4mm
Width In  0.016 inch
Actual Spool Length M  30m
Actual Spool Length Yds  32 yds
35 Character Description  1/69" Holo. Black Sparkle Tinsel
SPS-EDI-Category  Tinsel 1/69"
SPS-EDI-Vendor-Color  Black Sparkle
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Spool

Weight:  9 g



On Backorder

Spool 1/69 inch Holographic Black Sparkle Tinsel

Spool 1/69 inch Holographic Black Sparkle Tinsel is part of a range of the highest quality flat, mirror tinsels available. Just 1/69 inch width, our mirror tinsels have including Spool 1/69 inch Holographic Black Sparkle Tinsel have been redeveloped with a slightly thicker material. Our tinsels are available in the following sizes>

  • Small 1/69inch has 30m per spool
  • Medium 1/32inch has 20m per spool and
  • Large 1/16inch has 10m per spool.
Spool 1/69 inch Holographic Black Sparkle Tinsel is ideal as body, ribbing or for lateral lines. With colors including and specialist colors like Mirage, Iridescent and Fluoro there are sure to be tinsels in the Semperfli range that appeal and cover your fly tying needs!

Material Length30m32 yds
Product PackagingSpool


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