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Desert Dust CDC Fly Desiccant

Desert Dust CDC Fly Desiccant
 Desert Dust CDC Fly DesiccantDesert Dust CDC Fly Desiccant 
Suggested Retail $6.44

Sku:  WDDT000WHT
Bar Code:  886741048361
Product Family  Misc
Product Delivery Package  Misc
Product Type  Fly Floatant
Materials Weight gm  0.01
Materials Weight oz  0.36
35 Character Description  Desert Dust Fly Desiccant
SPS-EDI-Category  Miscellaneous
SPS-EDI-Qty-Carton  12
SPS-EDI-Size-Desc  Wholesale

Weight:  18 g



Low stock, immediate despatch

Semperfli Desert Dust

Desert Dust comes with its own brush, simply drop your fly into Desert Dust or use the brush to dust over the fly and work the desiccant well. Desert Dust will dry all of your flies including CDC flies very quickly and enable you to fish with wet CDC flies very quickly.

NOTE: Flies are not included

Desert Dust was developed with two compounds, a hydrophobic powder identical to Frogs Fanny plus we have combined it with a magic compound of our own which adds UVR (Ultra Violet) to your flies. Many floatants, especially petroleum based products like Gink, reduce the UVR on flies by over 10%. Even non-cdc flies benefit from the UVR compounds of Desert Dust

Using Desert Dust is a Breeze!

Once your fly starts to droop or sink in the water, simply drop in the pot of Desert Dust or rub thoroughly with the brush that is built in to the lid and blow any excess dust from your fly, it will now be dry again and ready to fish!

Desert Dust Benefits

  • Desert Dust is the most effective floatant treatment for dry flies
  • When a coating of Desert Dust floatant powder is brushed (the brush is part of the cap) on nymphs, it creates a bubble on the fly that looks exactly like an emerging insect

Desert Dust retails at just £4.99, whereas Frog's Fanny costs £7.99!


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